Step by Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings

by    SEO Services   Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Search Engine Optimization is a continually improving field. One has to keep up with the changes in Google Search ranking algorithm. However, specific factors retain their importance. The following aspects play a stellar role in helping you secure the top rank on Google.

1. Content is always the King: Your content must provide real value to the user. If you can supplement the written content with excellent visual content, you are on your way towards acing the search engine ranking pages.

2. Backlinks Matter a Lot: Backlinks play a vital role in ranking your website on Google. Today, the focus is more on the quality of backlinks. The more backlinks you get from authority sites like the .gov and the .edu domains, the higher is your ranking on the SERP.

3. A Mobile-Friendly website is vital: People will always prefer to use a mobile-friendly website rather than the regular one. Having a mobile-friendly website guarantees higher visibility resulting in a better ranking on the SERPs. Google gives preference to websites that have mobile-friendly features.

4. Loading Speed: The loading speed becomes a vital factor in determining your ranking on Google. We are living in a jet age where people expect to do things as quickly as possible. Under such circumstances, you cannot expect your customers to wait for an eternity for your page to load on the internet.

5. Schema Code: It implies that SEO is going local in a big way. Under such circumstances, the Schema markup code can help search engines get a better understanding of aspects like address, phone numbers, customer reviews, and so on. It helps to tell Google the exact location of your business. Schema code is indeed one of the top Google ranking factors.

6. Brand Value and Social Signals: Branded searches play a significant role in determining your Google rankings. The more traffic you generate from branded searches, the higher are the chances of recognition by the Google algorithms.

7. Domain Power: Exact-match domains still wield a lot of influence. One of the best examples of domain influence is as follows. When you search for the word ‘cars’ on the internet search engine, you expect the top brands of cars to show up on Google.

8. HTTPS Encryption: When you have people all over the world browsing the net continuously and using the internet to carry out sensitive tasks like banking and so on, it becomes imperative to access secure websites. It becomes vital for websites to have robust security features. HTTPS encryption is one such factor that affects Google rankings.

9. User Experience: Providing a user-friendly experience to your customers is the need of the hour. Customers love to access sites they are comfortable with as compared to sites that are difficult to navigate. Websites providing a better user experience tend to rank high on the Google search engine in comparison.

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