SEO Tip – Top Positive SEO factors that will boost your rankings

by    SEO Services   Friday, February 24th, 2012

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There are certain factors that Google, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines place great importance on that when properly applied can positively boost your rankings.

1. Keyword Factors

Include your keywords in the title tag as this important text is what shows in the search engine results as your page title. Let the title tag be no longer than 6-7 words and make the keyword appear near the beginning.
Include your keywords in your URL so make sure your permalink settings are correct. E.g. If your keyword is “Nissan dealer inBoston”, the post URL about that keyword should be
Check that your keyword density is between 3-7% and doesn’t cross into the danger zone of over 10%.
Use your keywords as the anchor text in your backlinks
Use your keywords in sub headings or in the H1 , H2 tags
2. Backlink Factors

Back links are one of the most important factors to get good rankings so use your keywords as the anchor text.
Backlink from reputable sites with high Page rank and that have been around for some time as search engines place a value on the origin of your backlinks
Try and get backlinks from sites in a similar niche as it shows that sites within that niche are voting for you.
Get valuable and highly rated .edu and .gov backlinks as they are more weighty and harder to get.
Get a good number of backlinks to your site, while paying attention to their quality too.
3. Content Factors

Search engines value relevant and unique content that differs from what is found on other sites.
Get into the habit of consistently adding new content as this will help getting your content indexed plus new content is favored by search engines more than old content.
Format your content using larger font, bold and italics o that your keywords and other important words are emphasized.
4. Domains and URLS

URLs for domains and files that are keyword rich are very important.
Make sure your site is fully accessible for indexing. There should be no broken links, errors, password-protected areas that make it difficult for search engines to index.
Your website should have a sitemap (in whatever format) as search engines spiders love to crawl them.
Build a large site instead of a small mini- site as these bigger sites are seen more as an authority by the search engines. You can do this by building up your keyword list with a lot of long tail keywords and structuring your content around categories.
Older domains are more trusted by search engines than brand spanking new ones, so when you can try and buy old/aged domains at domain auctions or from other businesses.

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