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by    Buy Backlinks   Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

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Why You are Not #1 Ranked in Google for your keywords hello my name is Robert Hutchinson how are you today Future Clients and Customers for web design or Google SEO or Search Engine Optimization

1) Why Your Not #1 in Google Search results the main factor is Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks our site has 3 + millions of backinks our compeditors have less then 5 thousand that is why we beat them in our rankings in google yahoo and bing in the resutls we target and we can do the same for your business as well just give us a call at 1(509)910-7727 and ask for robert hutchinson

2)What is A Backlinks when Site A & Site B Link to Your Website Homepage that is 2 Backlinks to your webiste Backlinks are like points to Google Yahoo & Bing More Points you have the higher the ranking in google someone with a million backlinks in google is almost always going to out rank someone with less then 15,000 backlinks or points if we want to call it that Another reason your not high ranked for your keywords in google is

3)Are You Using Your Anchor text Right what is an anchor text an anchor text is – when site a has a text or image link that says your keyword or an image that is linked to your website homepage that is anchor backlink note to take a text link is always better then an image although banner ads can help get better click threw ratio then just text but search engines like google want to see a text anchor backlink to your websites home page

4)How Much Traffic are you buying with your website this does matter and boost your search engine rankings when you buy more traffic this is also giving points to Google Yahoo & Bing – when it comes to your ranking

5) are you laying out your text properly with your website are your h1, h2 ,h3, & h4 tags used properly this is also important to ranking in google when done right

6) How Good of title tag meta description and meta keywords are you using on your website and are they optimized correctly in the search engine of Google Yahoo & Bing how to tell what to improve upon with your website or check out why other are beating you in search engines like

7)Look Up on how many backlinks your website has we have over 3.5 million backlinks to our website a successful website has anywhere from 50,000 to 40 million backlinks a local website in your area has less then 500 to 14,000 backlinks this is why we can get you number #1 ranked locally for any search term we can get you millions of backlinks along with 5 thousand to 100 thousand vistiors a day coming into your website

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