SEO Experiments 2020: 3 Easy Tests You Can Try to Boost Your Rankings

by    SEO Services   Monday, February 17th, 2020

2020 is the year of SEO experiments!

You never know what works in SEO until you try something out. Trevin from the WebFX Marketing team is here with 3 digital marketing updates from the past year and 3 corresponding SEO experiments you can try to keep up with the trends!

Video sections:
(00:00:27)SEO Update 1-Google BERT
(00:00:57)SEO Experiment 1-Update your content to be more natural and meet search intent
(00:01:31)SEO Update 2-An emphasis on video marketing
(00:02:15)SEO Experiment 2-Test how videos affect page stats
(00:03:09) SEO Update 3-Voice search
(00:03:46)SEO experiment 3-Optimize and track performance of content for voice search

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