Private Blog Networks, Correlation Studies, & Google Penguin and Link Analysis

by    SEO Services   Friday, January 29th, 2016

SEO Theory January 29, 2016 Hangout

Search engine optimization discussion with Kent Yunk of Roaring Pajamas SEO. Topics include:

* Building private blog networks
* Why Domain Authority is a useless quality metric
* Major companies operate multiple interlinked Websites
* Bing and Google accept some interlinkage between sites
* Low-metric value Websites provide links just as good as high-value sites
* Web marketers only pay lip service to the uselessness of SEO metrics
* Spammers inflate the metrics assigned to their sites by SEO tools
* You should never disavow links on the basis of SEO metrics
* Web marketers continue to disavow many good links
* SEO tool metrics are valid opinions but should not be used as standards
* Wikipedia uses “rel=’nofollow'” but has a private network that passes link value to itself
* Links from many Wiki sites, even when using “rle=’nofollow'”, can be great links that fall out of link graphs
* Google provides too few examples of bad links
* Google does not use PageRank to determine if a link is good or spammy
* Web marketers should not substitute similar metrics for PageRank in trying to identify spammy links
* How should SEOs discuss links when auditing Websites?
* Marketers mistake correlation for confirmation
* Correlation does not confirm anything
* Correlation studies are inappropriate for analyzing complex ranking systems using hundreds or thousands of signals
* SEO correlation studies use inappropriate analytical methods
* Typical SEO correlation studies publish results that actually point to NO correlations
* People mistakenly believe that SEO metrics confirm their beliefs
* Large amounts of data are not enough; signals must be isolated.
* SEO correlation studies don’t have all the different types of data they need to isolate ranking signals
* SEO correlation studies would not be accepted for peer review journals
* The Xenite.Org Network is a private network where a few core sites link to each other
* Large corporations with many sub-brands have to use two-tier interlinking
* When linking for business purposes the links are usually very good, very useful to visitors
* Yes, some private blog networks can be built for spam
* An automated Penguin algorithm may spur growth in private blog networks used for spammy links
* It’s only a matter of time before people game the Penguin algorithm