Organic Reach on Facebook: How to increase it in 2019

by    SEO Services   Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Facebook organic reach has been declining for years.

So this week we’re talking about Facebook organic reach and how you can increase it, despite the latest algorithm changes.

In this video I cover the following tips.

1. You don’t know what content people actually want. You need to post more and more diverse content to find out what works.

2. You’re not asking for engagement. You’re simply publishing and not creating a dialogue.

3. You’re not targeting people already interested in your brand. With the Facebook pixel and with Custom Audiences you have the power to get in touch with people you’ve already touched.

4. You’re not posting micro-content on Facebook. Content that keeps people in the feed rather than sending them to a blog post on your site. Think images, video, just text etc.

5. You’re not spending enough money in the right places. Pick content that you know performs well organically for your ads and vice versa. Look for stuff that already has good organic reach.

6. You’re leaving people hanging. You’re not responding to Facebook comments or likes or shares. Thank people for their engagement. It will go far.

7. You’ve given up. You decided that good facebook organic reach wasn’t attainable, so you stopped caring and became lazy. Reignite that fire to figure out Facebook.


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Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus builds businesses with heart. He is the CEO of Kubb&co – a full-service digital agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kubby is a prolific public speaker, startup mentor, and has been named by Forbes as the number 1 business guru on Snapchat and as a top marketer to follow by Mashable.

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