Off Page SEO In 15 Minutes Or Less With Easy White Hat Backlinks Produces 120% More Traffic

by    Buy Backlinks   Monday, June 17th, 2019

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In today’s video we are talking about backlinks (aka off page SEO), specifically powerful white hat backlinks that you can get with very little effort.

Anyone can do it and you can get as many backlinks as needed, while helping people.

In this session we will be covering these 3 elements:

– What is the sidekick technique
– Finding your hero sites
– How-to tips & tricks

The major concept behind the sidekick technique is adding value. By adding massive value to a site, we’ll use the power of reciprocity and get a link in return! Adding value will be easy and can be done so by following these steps

1) Find a site with fressh content that we can improve.
2) Email the owner offering value (hence the sidekick technique)
3) Provide massive value to the site… and getting credit (a backlink to your site).

And the quickest and easiest way of providing value is through podcasts, because there are podcasts in nearly every industry and they have good authority for passing on link juice.

And best of all…

Most of them don’t have any transcriptions which means, we can quickly add valuse for cheap!

To find where these podcasts are located you simply add the following string on Google.

” [niche] podcast play in new window download”

Next we want recent podcasts because there is no point in transcribing something that’s outdated and we do this by clicking on the “Tools” button, “Past month”.

You will then be filtered with all the lastest podcasts. There should always be a download link (because that’s what we searched for in our Google search!
Simply download the mp3 or copy the link URL.

Once you have downloaded the podcast, you can go onto which is one of the biggest transcription websites on the internet. Upload the podcast to which will only cost a few dollars.

The next step is to outreach and email the owner with the added value!

You can either:

A) Provide him with the transcription right away

B) 2 step process, saying that you just had your secretary transcribe it… and you can send it over. (Tends to work better and if they say no or don’t respond, then you don’t have to get it transcribed in the first place)

Please continue watching the video to find out more…

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