Mastering SEO on the Plugin Repository

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Do you have a freemium plugin listed on the repository but don’t have as many active installs as you’d like? With tens of thousands of products listed on the repository, the main concern of any WordPress business owner – besides creating an awesome plugin – is to be found by the search engine’s algorithm. Ranking as high as possible on the repository’s search results can make a huge difference for getting user traffic to your free plugin and getting more freemium conversions.
To help you tackle the algorithm, we dove deep inside its guts and returned with practical, easy-to-follow insights on how to optimize your product’s ranking.
Here is our list of 8 deciding factors that will boost your ranking, from the most important to least important [watch the video for the top 3 :)]:
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4. Authors and contributors
5. Translations and locations
6. Most recent plugin update
7. Compatibility
8. Answering support tickets
It should take you no more than a day’s work to optimize all of these factors – so invest this time and watch your product fly off the shelf! Be sure to keep testing the strategies that work best for your product.

Here are the links mentioned in the video:
Diego Imbriani’s great post on how to automatically translate WordPress plugins and themes with Google translate:
How we increased our WordPress plugin’s 5-Star reviews by 700%:
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