Local SEO Tips How To Use Google My Business For New Website

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Today local SEO tips video learn how to use Google My Business for a new website in 2020.
I will cover in this video a process on how to take advantage of Googles extensive data to optimize your website from the very start.

So I will walk through the beginning stages of a brand new domain and after you set up your GMB for your local business or local brand.

I love that Google always helps website owners and this is a great example of Google my business doing just that with its recommendations, by using googles insight you can structure an excellent page that will be magical for ranking in 2020.

By setting your homepage for the main topic with content then having all of your main category pages being you main service’s for your industry or niche.
After this you just need your basic pages about us along with your contact page and business portfolio including customer reviews or video testimonials.

So what is learned in today’s local SEO tips video:
1. How to use Googles recommendations
2. How to use GMB data to select relevant content topics for you website.
3. On page for your local website
4. Google my business suggests some of the best options even things you might not have thought about.

So I hope that you find all the tips for local business sites that are new to be useful in this video.

If you Google My Business ( GMB SEO) questions or if you need help with local and need a tip for your website please feel free to ask in the comment section below am always happy to help small business or local businesses with the SEO in 2020.

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