Local SEO – How To Inject Relevance For Higher Google Rankings

by    SEO Services   Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Learn a Local SEO Tip that will increase Google Rankings in 2019-2020. This how to guide will explain the entire SEO technique to increasing your relevance and validating your entity in a semantic way on Google.

You will learn in this video same as schema and what it is and what it does for your GMB and local listing.

Along with that I will teach you about a very important factor for local SEO and that is validating your semantic entity. This can be done with machine read entity I.D code.

This entity I.D will be shown to you a little lesser known secret in the SEO community .

I will also show you how to put it all together for this excellent showcase of facts for you while I nerd out about search engine optimization for your business.

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Please be sure to ask any questions in the comment section below if you have any or let me know if there is a topic you need an answer for I would be happy to make a video for you for the community.

Thanks for watching!