Local SEO Checkup: How to Use Bright Local to Improve Rankings

by    SEO Services   Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

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Bright Local will help you go through the local SEO process to help so you can generate more leads for any local business.

If you provide local SEO services to clients, Bright Local’s 7 tools will help you complete the process and track your progress as you go. There 7 tools include the following which you can find at the noted times in this video:

Local Search Rank Tracker (video starts at: 9:25)
Local SEO Checkup (video starts at: 13:20)
Citation Tracker (video starts at: 21:58)
Google+ Local Wizard (video starts at: 27:47)
Citation Burst (video starts at: 32:53)
Review Biz (video starts at: 35:20)
Review Flow (video starts at: 39:54)

In this video we cover each tool individually so you can get an inside look at exactly how it works so you know how to use it to increase your search engine rankings for any local business.

Bright local is simple, low cost and a tool you should absolutely be considering for a local website you’re looking to promote.

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