Increase YouTube Ranking – Use These YouTube SEO Tips to Improve Your Search rankings 🤑🤑

by    SEO Services   Monday, February 24th, 2020

Increase YouTube Ranking – 🚀Tips to Rank YouTube Videos in Search🚀 Engines
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Most people browsing through YouTube are either looking through their personalized feeds or just moving from one related video to another. Because of how YouTube works, the only ranking you have is in their search.

YouTube keyword-based search is also personalized to an extent. It would always display videos from channels you subscribed to, or videos from official source or even videos you have watched before. Optimization becomes important if any of these are not available.

Ranking Factors on YouTube – Increase YouTube Ranking!
YouTube is quite different from Google. YouTube’s search engine runs different algorithms and is effected by different factors.

On-YouTube factors include:

Just like a web page, YouTube uses keywords to identify the kind of query that will be useful for a video. Comparing YouTube to web pages it cannot easily analyze the content of a video so you need to optimize the next video. That means video title, description, transcript and tags.
Tags help identify what your video is about, what appears in your video, and will help approve your search ranking.
Videos with automatic thumbnails tend to be vague and rank lower. It is better to use compelling custom thumbnails which are able to quickly grab someone’s attention.
The presence of a transcript is a ranking factor because it is the content of the transcript. Posting one helps get rid of pesky errors with the auto captioning system
Channel authority is a ranking factor for videos, but when there are more viewers, subscription and engagement in your channel than others it will give your videos an easier time out-ranking than that of other channels. The performance of your video has a role to play in channel authority but doing other additional things wouldn’t be such a bad idea, like customizing your channel homepage or linking your YouTube account to your website.

There are some other non-YouTube factors that has a part in ranking your videos and also your channel, in their search.

Video retention: The ranking of your videos will keep on increasing the more people watch them. The longer they watch your video the better it is for you. YouTube is quite particular about what is and isn’t a view. Those who bounce don’t matter.
YouTube comments have a bad rap for being almost universally awful to experience reading, yet it is important to get them. Keep your comment box open so you can get as many comments as possible.
Shares/Links: When people share or link your video to any social network it will enhance your video ranking.
Thumbs Up: The more likes your video gets compared to the dislikes it get will give it a boost.
All these are more or less obvious. Create so many videos with high quality content and it will increase the visibility of your channel. Stop creating videos that keeps on depreciating in quality. When you create videos that are deleted, flagged, reported, removed, or just down-voted into oblivion it will make your channel less valuable. You can Increase YouTube Ranking by using these methods.


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