How To Use SEO Back-Links And Content To Improve Google Rankings

by    SEO Services   Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Discover how best to use content distribution to create SEO backlinks which will improve your Google rankings. Find out what works and what doesn’t.

This video covers the following:
0:06 – Using links for better Google rankings
0:44 – Links are a popularity contest in Google
1:13 – Publish valuable information regularly
1:44 – Broadcast to other websites & networks
2:21 – Promote social media sharing
2:54 – Press Releases are great for SEO
4:14 – It lookd “un-natural” to Google
4:51 – Build lots of different types of quality links

Hi, this is Justin Meadows with another website news update. Today in the second SEO video, I’m going to be covering links and how you should be getting links and using links in order to best improve your Google rankings.

So, links to your website is basically Google’s way of seeing how popular and valuable your website is. The rationality is that if lots of other websites are referencing you on a certain topic or when they’re talking about a certain topic, then you’re obviously a valuable resource on that topic and by looking at how much you are talked about and linked to and referenced in a variety of different websites all over the Internet, they can see how popular you really are. When people go searching for these topics, if you’re the most popular website around on that topic and relevant to that topic then your website will be pushed up towards the top of the search engines.