How To Test Organic Search Results To Improve Rankings & Traffic

by    SEO Services   Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Join Tyler as he shows how to use SEO and testing on your website. See how he uses Google Search Console and Google Ads to do a test that objectively benefits your SEO strategy.

Testing and SEO are two things that are really hard to mesh together, mainly because it’s a live ecosystem, and we aren’t always sure which variables are the most important.

However, Google does give us a little bit of information on what is beneficial. We can use this information to do some testing with Google’s tools and a little bit of money. After doing this test, we can say objectively that it benefits your SEO strategy.

Go to Google Search Console. Use a website that you own.
1. Go to “Performance”
2. The more you highlight (clicks, impressions, average CTR, and position –highlight these) at the top of SearchConsole, the more data that will propagate below.
3. In this case, I can see multiple keywords that I rank for. I see one that’s in the #5 position, it’d be great to be in the #5 positions. I see that I’m getting 50% of the traffic that searches the term IBJJF brackets ”

One of the ways you can get moved up a little bit, you can set up a Google Ads account for free.
1. Go in and create a new campaign (without polls or guidance)
2. Select search
3. Input website URL
4. You can study all the respective search results above your ad to see if and how they’re meeting the need of the searcher better than your result.
5. Delivery method = standard
6. Bidding = impression share
7. Click save & continue

This will get you started to follow along in the video.

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