How to Rank Your Website Higher on Google with Videos

by    SEO Services   Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Creating video content can help boost your site SEO. YouTube is a great way to boost your SEO!

First is page authority. So Google sees that a lot of people are finding your website in Google search results going to the website and then staying there for a few minutes. They’re more likely to move your website up in the search results. And a great way to keep people on your website longer is through video and bending videos on your sales page is not only great for building page authority, but video has shown to boost conversions on sales pages over 50%.

Second is universal search. So a long time ago, Google only used to display actual websites in their search results, but now they show a variety of PDFs, images, and videos. This is why it’s so important to use keywords in your title, your description, and your tags on Youtube. But you also want to make sure that you’re sending people to your website. So make sure to put links in the youtube cards and your video description.

This last tip is the most obvious, but it’s also the easiest. If you create good video content, people are more likely to share it on social media or linked to it on their website. And most of the time when people link or embed your video in their blog posts, they’re going to also link to your website and back links are a great way to help build your SEO.

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