How to RANK on Google Search Engine -Improve Google Ranking

by    SEO Services   Friday, October 10th, 2014

Hi, here is my website which i am listed on Flippa to sell it. In this video i am gonna show you How my site Ranks on Google. I have just written an article and published it. While publishing the article i have just used simple on-page seo techniques like Tittle, description, meta tags and keywords.

After that i just gone to Google and submitted my article and in just one minute i am got the place on Google search result page for the Keywords i am trying to rank.

This works with my site because it has better Page authority and domain authority and has better backlinks that points to my site.

In Next Video i will show you how to improve Google Ranking of your website.

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So, once again hope you all have got the key to rank high on Google:
1. Strong Off page search engine optimization
2. Correct On page seo techniques

So, if you have any query regarding HOW TO RANK HIGH on Google and other search engines then feel free to ask it!!

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