How To Increase Your eBay Sales | Perfect Listings and SEO Ranking

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

eBay is one of the greatest selling platforms online! So, you clicked on this video because you’re having trouble making sales? Good, I will cover “How to create the perfect eBay listing”. eBay is very simple, you just need to FOCUS on your listings. You MUST excel in all aspects if you would like to succeed on eBay. Hey, if done correctly you can create a second income stream, maybe even a business…


Why your eBay listings won’t sell… (How to convert more sales)

•Before you start going crazy listing, make sure to build some feedback. A reputable background will go a long way in creating MORE sales. I am not saying you can’t sell with a minuscule amount of feedback. Also make sure your “feedback rate” is positive…some person recently left a rude remark on my page and I’ve noticed a decline in sales.

•Make sure your listing is PERFECT. What do I mean by perfect? You need to stand out in every single aspect to grab the customers attention. The title, photos, description, price, free shipping, returns etc. You MUST do all of the above if you’d like to drive in more sales.

•Lastly, if you don’t have anything to do, start listing. Meaning if you’re dropshipping or if you have physical products. The more listings = a better chance to make a sale. Enjoy the free search engine within eBay. Once your post is up, customers are brought to you with no effort on your part…

Happy selling!

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