How To Increase Website Ranking On Google In 2018 | Google Search Results

by    SEO Services   Saturday, November 19th, 2016

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In 2018, brands will discover that certain actions will ensure that their rankings on Google will remain high. And we all know that page 2 of Google is death.

This is a short, yet comprehensive list of actions which you will need to initiate to increase your website’s rankings on Google in 2018.

Create Robust Content Which Favors A Niche. Robust, extensive content for long tail keywords is your best route to success. Your blog can become your secret weapon if you wield it correctly. Publishing many, short blog posts is not the path to ranking success. Rather, find your top 20 long tail keywords and work on creating extensive and professional content. Hire a writer if needed. Robust, well-written content — around your crucial long tail keywords — will drive more traffic. Moreover, you will find that this very content will appear at the top of Google’s search results.

High-Quality Links Must Be Built & Earned. Begin with citation links. A small, local business with 100–125 trusted citation links will eventually see higher rankings. After that, I would reach out to local bloggers, fellow small businesses in your area, branding partners, etc. to mention their association with you on their websites — with a link to yours. Google will see that your links are relative, local, and genuine. This is a proven strategy.

Paid Social Traffic Is Proven and Fast. SEO can be slow and require much work to have a powerful and lasting effect on your rankings. We have found that when you drive traffic to your website through paid social ads from Facebook, your organic rankings will increase. The amount of traffic to your website, and the time spent on your website, are proven ranking factors. When Google sees that your website not only has more visitors arriving, but is staying on your content for longer periods of time, they will increase your overall rankings.

YouTube Is A Killer Ranking Strategy. Google owns YouTube. Google loves Google and would much rather favor their brand’s content than someone else’s within their search results. Just as I recommended with your blog posts, in point No. 1 above, you should also create engaging content with YouTube videos. I have created videos for local businesses, concentrating on long tail keywords for their market, and had them showing up on page 1 of Google in a matter of weeks. Only 8% of small businesses have at least one YouTube video, so this is a genuine, untapped resource to place you brand’s content onto page 1.

Reputation Marketing Is So Important. Positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business will in themselves generate more customers. But Google will also boost your website’s rankings if they see that you have a positive reputation profile across the web. Why? Google wants to ensure that consumers discover local businesses which are proven and trustworthy. The more positive reviews you generate, the more it can effect your overall rankings for your website.

Build Your Email List and Leverage It. Email not only keeps your brand in front of people, but it also drives traffic to your website and to your featured content, such as your latest blog post, YouTube video, infographic, or your latest positive review. Build and use your email list to proactively drive traffic to your content.

Consistency Is My Secret Weapon. All the actions above done as a one-off will create almost no positive effect. The most difficult task to accomplish in business and marketing is consistency. Do these actions on a routine basis throughout 2017, and you will see higher rankings, an increase inbound leads, and many more new customers.