How to increase App Downloads on Google Play using ASO

by    SEO Services   Friday, June 19th, 2015

Even the most seasoned app developers will occasionally moan about Google Play download stats and how little they make from this huge platform. I’m very odd in this sense because I get most of my income from Google Play rather than iTunes connect.

But marketing an app on Google Play is not easy and it takes a while to build a following. In this episode, I talk about how we approach keyword research and app store optimization (ASO) for Google Play. And, hopefully , this will help you increase your Google Play App downloads.

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Hi, this is a minute of Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps.
This week I wanna talk about how to increase your google play app store downloads.
Today, I kind of wanna go through some of our strategies on keyword optimization for Google Play. There’s a lot of advice out there on optimizing your iTunes page or your iPhone apps and there’s lots of really good tools out there, we use sensor tower a lot. But for Google Play, sensor tower doesn’t that great for us so we try other things. And if you just released a Google app, you may be experiencing this “Oh my God, it’s not working” kind of feeling. And I know, I know the feeling so I kinda wanna show you the kind of things that we do. So let me show you Ear Spy here, which is our Google Play page for Ear Spy. And you can see here like on a consistent basis, we have some delays today, but we get a round off, between four to five thousand unique downloads a day, daily installs. It does really well and it brings in a lot of money. If I show you, but it wasn’t always that way, if I show you like the all time growth here of this curve, you could see that we started off kinda small here when we started out a couple of years ago. We had like a what’s new and noteworthy kind of bump and then it just sort of gradually grew over time and it was introducing new things. We see some spikes here when it gets mentioned in like Gizmodo or some other blogs and we see kinda how it grows. So that’s the idea. We wanna have more apps like this where we have a lot of daily downloads, we have a lot of people installing it, a lot of people clicking on ads, or purchasing or upgrading to a bigger version.
So let me contrast this with one we just released a few weeks ago, which is Algebra Study Cards. Now Algebra Study Cards, you see here we got a few downloads, sixty-five downloads, that was the day where I was running Facebook ads, so it didn’t really compared to how much money we spent, it was not a lot of downloads. And we’re lucky with this one, we’re lucky if we get ten downloads a day. And this is typical of a lot of apps on Google Play. This is a lot of our apps. You put it out there and you have to try to get those keywords up. And keywords are the one way to improve the app ranking.I mean you could do ads like this but this ad cost, I think we spent about forty pounds, and we got hardly any return on it. I mean ads used to be so much easier with Facebook and Twitter and Ad Mob. But now, it’s a much lower return on the investment.
So this is to give you an idea when somebody goes in to Google Play is this organic searches or the things that you wanna really key for.
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