How to Improve Your Mobile Website Load Time

by    SEO Services   Friday, September 8th, 2017

Mobile website load time has become more important as mobile phones become popular.
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These days more people are using Google from mobile and tablet devices than they are from desktop devices. For this reason, you have to make sure your website loads fast or else you will lose visitors, leads, and sales.

Amazon did a study and found that every second their website loads slower they lose 1% of their income.

1. You want to use the AMP framework by Google – this ensures that your blog posts will load fast. You’ll also notice an increase in search traffic when using AMP.

2. Use Google PageSpeed – this tool breaks down how well your code is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. PageSpeed also breaks down how well your site is also optimized for desktop computers.

3. Create a unique user experience – mobile devices are smaller. For this reason, your mobile website shouldn’t be the same as the desktop site. Making a responsive design isn’t enough, you need to simplify your mobile website even more. A simple solution is to remove any unnecessary elements.

Follow those 3 tips and your mobile load time will decrease.