How to Improve Your Google Ranking By Creating Backlinks

by    SEO Services   Thursday, May 18th, 2017

What on earth are backlinks and how do they help rank your website pages? Backlinks are kind of like brightly lit road signs that not only direct more visitors to your site, these road signs also direct Google to your site. The more road signs to your site Google finds… the higher it ranks that link.

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So how do you create backlinks? Well there are a number of ways but this video will just concentrate on three, easy to implement methods.

Social Media: All social media profiles allow you to enter a website address. Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, they all cater for business links and they are easy to set up.

Also, post a link on social media to all the content you create. If you write a blog, post a link to your blog article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

If the content is really good and resonates with your audience they will start to like and share your posts and all of a sudden it takes on a life of it’s own and links to your content start to flood the internet.

Citation Sites: Another effective and easy way to get backlinks is to set up your business details in all the major business directories. These directories also allow you to enter a link to your website, so every directory listing you create is equivalent to a backlink.

At a minimum you should create profiles in the Google Business listings, Bing business listings, Yelp and Yellow Pages. Find popular trade/professional directories and set up your information them those as well along with completing your profile on your Association website.

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Let’s look at your content. How can to use your content to improve your Google rankings?

One method is to load your content on article sites like When you share your articles on these sites you make your content available for others to share on their sites. When people choose to share your articles they are required to include your author bio information. Your author bio can include your clinic details along with a link to your website. This means every time someone decides to use your article on their site you get a backlink.

If you referenced other people’s articles or blog posts in your content you can contact them with a link to your article advising them that their content was referenced and would they mind promoting your post on their site. I know from personal experience that when I’ve received notification that my material has been referenced I’ve been more than happy to post a link to it.

Another great way to get backlinks is to join a number of groups or forums where your target market hangout. These can either be on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Make sure you read the rules of the group before posting external links. Some groups prefer (or insist) that you prove yourself first by contributing to the community and joining in the conversation.

Most groups don’t mind you posting external links as long as the link points to material that is relevant to the conversation and not trying to sell anything.

How can you take advantage of this? Read through all the questions people are asking and choose one that falls within your area of expertise. Then instead of simply posting a answer go off and prepare an article, or video, or any type of content that addresses the question and demonstrates to the group this is something you know a lot about. Then include a link to your question related material in your reply.

There are many ways to generate backlinks for your content, these are just some that don’t require a lot of technical ability.

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