How to get backlinks to my website  (seo services)

by    Buy Backlinks   Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Download App For More Story WELCOME to this new blog and backlinking video. we are creating a blog , uaing keyword and getting backlinking from the website shown below in description and step by step procedure is also mention there.


1. Goto home page on
2. Select signin option.
3. Fill the signin from google.
4. Create anew blog, select type address and select a theme
5. Them click on new post
6. Then type your blog title
7. Then type a blog

you wil get successfully listing message on screen.

For linking website:-

1. Select a line for linking
2. Then click ok link button in upper menu bar.
3. Type a link in popup box
5. Then press ok
6. Linking is done, now the line is in Blue color.

For Keyword –

1.Keyword is the word which can be used for serching a blog in google
2.So choose a keyword wisely
3.Keyword will be comes in every paragraph on blog with sign #

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