How to get backlinks from wikipedia [ BACKDOOR METHOD] with Proof

by    Buy Backlinks   Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

In this video, I am going to show you how to get backlinks from Wikipedia using the Backdoor method. When a website gets backlink from Wikipedia it not only improve the SEO but instead the site receive free unlimited traffic.

You might have come across many tutorials saying high-quality backlinks from Wikipedia dead link method is the easiest and safest way. Similarly few people claim that you will receive dofollow backlinks from Wikipedia, which is not true.

Backlinks from Wikipedia dead link is a traditional method but most of the links will be removed within one or two days. But it is true that one Wikipedia backlink will boost your SEO rankings. The main reason for this is that websites like Wikipedia are high authority sites and high pr sites.

How to get high quality backlinks for free?

When you go for the traditional dead link method, the pitfall in this method is that whenever you make a change to Wikipedia with your link will be removed by contributors. So the problem is that Wikipedia is run by millions of volunteers around the world who continuously patrol every change made to the website. Imagine I am visiting Wikipedia, I’m creating a new account, adding a new link to that the site, it does not make sense for Wikipedia to blindly believe a new user.

So we will be monitored by Wikipedia as a new user. So what happens is when we choose a language for an article from popular languages like English, Japanese, Italian or like that the problem is that there are a lot of contributors who are ready to work for the Wikipedia. When you publish any of the changes which you make, it will be immediately visible to the contributors who will not allow for any spammy links or irrelevant link to be added to Wikipedia site. In that case, I tried the traditional method and I have to say that I really got fed up with that

the method. Then I was thinking like okay let me find some method to do this. I was sure that there will be some way to crack this one. Accidentally I came across this section

of Wikipedia landing page where you can see that the different languages in which the Wikipedia is available for you. Then my the question was like okay what does this mean? Thousand plus articles in this set of languages? It means only fewer contributors only fewer people are working for this language right? So why don’t I write an article for any of
these languages because my article or my link will stay in Wikipedia for a longer time

The above video explains how to get high pr backlinks without the help of any backlink generator or backlink builder tool out in the market. The main issue with such tools is that they will bring free unlimited traffic but will not help to build high-quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks include both do follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks.

Always rememeber that quality links, domain authority, and link building strategies matter your site SEO. Never create backlinks but always improve your site authority.

Similarly, Wikipedia needs many people to write for this section or these set of languages. So what I did is I select any language randomly out from this list and add an article to that with my link anywhere in the content.

To demonstrate I am choosing the isiZulu language and I cannot read or write this language. So when I click on this language it will redirect me to the subdomain Yes you can see that the entire screen is now in the isiZulu language which is very difficult to read so what we will do is we will use google translator or Google translator extension which you can just google it like google translator extension and you will be taken to this page where you can install it.

Since I have already installed this the extension it is not showing that option but it will be like if you are not done then it will show as add this extension to the chrome. Once you are done with that you can now translate any web page from one language to any language you prefer.

I have done that already and in another tab, I have opened Google Translate app and select one of the languages English and other as isiZulu because I want to translate into isiZulu Next what we are going to do it since I have an extension I will click it and now I can see everything in English.

Next, we have to find one article we have to write an article for this language and when I say about that I know that you will be thinking like how can I write an article and you have to spend time on that !!! No, you don’t have to do.

What you will do is go to the English version of Wikipedia find an article and translate that article to this language and post it. I think it’s it sounds very easy right ?? so what I’m doing is I’ll go to the English a version of Wikipedia and search a topic like a guitar amplifier and I need to find whether this article is already there in that