How to Get 700 Live Web 2.0 Backlinks Easily

by    Buy Backlinks   Thursday, October 15th, 2015

I will create 700 highly keyword targeted web 2.0 backlinks by commenting on live high pr web 2.0 blogs.

The following FAQs will answer all your inquires about my methods


Q: Does this process really improves SERP position?
Yes, but only if the it’s done with proper research about keywords and various factors (which I do).

Q: Why are you offering only 700 while others are offering thousands ?
Creating more than 1000 in a day can bring attention (in a negative way) of SERPs (specially Google) to your site and it might get penalized.

Q: How many backlinks (on web 2.0) are good for profile?
In my experience, more than 1000 in week can make a negative impression of your site/blog in eyes of SERPs.

Q: On what blogs do you comment on?
I comment on highly keyword targeted high PR blogs like blogger, wordpress, tumblr, hubpages, weebly, jimdo etc.