How To Boost Your SEO With Google Posts

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

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Hi guys, this is Joe Burnich with, taking your business to the next level using this Internet marketing stuff. So in this video we’re going to talk about how to boost your SEO with Google posts. This is a feature with Google My Business, that can be one more thing to help boost those rankings. Let’s get started with that right now.

Okay. So a couple of years ago, Google came out with this little feature on every Google My Business account that allows you to do little posts, little specials. It’s almost like a little mini blog post if you’re familiar with blogging, but it’s very simple. Google has made it very simple and like I said, it’s just one more thing. If you do this once a month, you’re good to go for a local business, okay? This is for local businesses only, okay? So if you have a local business in your town, you’ve got a Google My Business account. Okay, let’s jump over to mine real quick here.

Okay, so I’m in my Google account. It even shows my latest post right here and I can go over here to this little post section. Okay. And I can create an update. I can just put a picture in there and say something fun or I can add an event. Let’s say have something coming up for my business, an event coming up or I can add an offer or if I come out with a new product I can add it there. And I’m going to be using this product one next month when we come out with our Google My Business optimization product.

Okay. But what I want to do is a quick example. What I find is it’s much easier to do posts on your smart phone using the Google My Business app. So you download the Google My Business app here. Okay. You open that thing up and you can basically just click on post. And in this one I’m going to add an update and it says make your post stand out with a photo or video. So I’m going to click on, let’s do photo, and then I am going to do a little selfie of myself because we’ve got these new little 18 in 1 credit card sized tools. It’s pretty cool. It’s flat little thing. It’s got 18 different tools and it’s all in one little concise thing. It’s just really cool. And we got a logo put on it. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a selfie of myself with the new 18 in 1 tool.

Okay, see, simple little photo there. I’m going to click on, I can even adjust the lighting and make it look a little bit better. Click on next and then I’m going to write my post and then I’m just going to click publish. Okay, now let’s see if it shows up on the screen so you guys can see it. There it is, posted just now come get your free 18 in 1 tool. Oh, I misspelled it there, let me edit this. Come by the office or give us a call.

There, now published that. But you can see I did it on my phone. So if you’re out doing a job, you can just take a couple of quick pics. Say, hey, we just did a job over in this city. A client was really great, blah, blah, blah. A couple of pictures posted. You do that once a month, take five minutes out of your life once a month to do this. And what it does is it shows Google that you’re an active member of your community.

It’s best if you have little logos on your photos there. So you have a big West logo. Google can actually see that little logo there and it actually can help with the trust factor. And then help boost your SEO. One more little thing to help boost that SEO. Okay? So if you have any questions, give us a call at 406-493-1881, or go to You can book a free consultation with us and we’ll help you out with whatever you need. Once again, I’m Joe Burnich have a good day.