Google's new richer tools enable ModCloth and Bluenile to boost marketing results

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews David Monsees, Google, at SES San Francisco 2012, on the subject of Google’s new richer tools targeting search and display.

0:50 For advertisers, the new Google remarketing tag is a smarter tag, so it allows an advertiser to place one tag across their entire website. Advertisers can then segment that tag by different expressions. The new remarketing tag allows Google to do better and smarter optimization for advertisers campaign automatically, and allows the advertiser to adjust bids and personalize creatives.

01:56 Next Gen keyword contextual targeting – Keyword targeting within Google display network enables advertisers to copy a search campaign and all the targeted keywords and run it on all the display networks. ModCloth was one of the first adopters of the next gen keyword targeting. ModCloth saw a 700% increase in ROI.

03:18 Interest category targeting and Demographic targeting are based on Google’s inferred information about users based on where Google’s tags see users.

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