Google My Business: How To Rank Higher On Google Maps

by    SEO Services   Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Today learn Google My Business GMB SEO and how to rank higher on Google Maps 2020.

I will cover some very good GMB SEO tips today that will include.
How to find a competitors listing and find there registered business name to then go into the search engine of your choice preferably Google and with search operators you can then find some of the most important business citations for that competitor.

This is done by using this search operator function see below:
allintext:”businessname” + “phone number” this will bring up some omitted search results but you want to see the omitted duplicated search results for that website.

Because it will list there NAP or name address phone number in all of the leading places where you then want to build out your NAP’s or citations starting with the highest authority websites first.

This will include sites like Yelp, MapQuest , GMB, BBB and the list goes on and on for any business or niche or industry.

The very next tip and I forgot to mention this in the video.

So for those who take the time to read this will greatly benefit when searching a Google Maps listings ,
when you go to search the maps for that business and you hover over the business category and in the video it was internet marketing service you want to press ( Control C ) then right click and view the source of the maps listing and this is while you are hovering over the GMB asset.

This will then bring up the source code where you will then search for the main category that the Google My Business was listed under and after that for most business owners and really the ones ranking in maps they will have secondary service categorizes listed take note of this for you leading competitors that are ranking in maps.

And if you offer that service be sure to build out content for those services and be sure that you list them on your GMB profile this is crucial to rank in the 3 page / snack pack.