Google January 2020 Core Update News, Favicons & Black Ad Icons On Google Search & Froogle Returns

by    SEO Services   Friday, January 17th, 2020
SEOClerks – This week Google released two big things; first was a new and big broad core update and the second was the favicons and black ad label design in the desktop search results. The Google January 2020 core update was big, launched on Monday, it was a global update that was supposedly mostly done rolling out on Thursday – but we are not too sure. Google also released a new design for the desktop search results, the favicons and black ad label on Monday as well. Google said structured data does not help you rank better. Google launched popular products in organic search, reminding me of Froogle. Google’s rich results test tool can now see embedded third party resources. Google’s unparsable structured data report has a bug this week. Google is sending out TLS notices via Search Console. Google said cookie banners are fine for search. Google said removing tag or search result pages won’t give you a ranking boost. Google said good spam reports lead to broad spam action. Google’s new GoogleBot user agent is being see more widely. Google Search is showing the wrong URL for many sites in the snippets. Microsoft Advertising is to do away with the average position metric soon as well. Google Screened Ads now can show photos. I released two new vlogs this week, do not miss them. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google January 2020 Core Update Is Live & It’s Big (0:28)
The Google January 2020 Core Update Is Global (1:34)
Google: January 2020 Core Update Mostly Done Rolling Out But Is It? (1:53)
SEOs Share Impact Of The Google January 2020 Core Update (2:55)
Google: We Do Core Search Updates 2-4 Times Per Year; With Many Smaller Updates (3:42)
Google Favicons & Black Ad Label Now Live On Desktop Search (3:55)
Google Once Again Says Structured Data Does Not Impact Ranking (5:02)
Froogle Is Back – Well, Kind Of, With Free Google Popular Product Listings (5:54)
Google Rich Results Test Now Can Show Embedded Resources (6:25)
Bug Alert: Google Search Console Unparsable Structured Data (6:45)
Google Search Console Notifications Of Chrome Warnings For Old TLS (7:14)
Google: Cookie Banners Are Fine For Search (7:43)
Google: It Would Be Rare For A Ranking Improvement After Removing Tag/Search Pages From Index (8:00)
Google: Good Spam Reports Can Lead To Broad Spam Action (8:18)
The New GoogleBot Dynamic User Agent Names Are Live (8:45)
Google Search Showing Wrong URL In Snippets (9:21)
Microsoft Advertising To Also Sunset Average Position (9:53)
Google Screened Ads Tests Photos (10:07)
Vlog #36: William Alvarez On Google Structured Data & SEO Mentoring (10:28)
Vlog #37: John Morabito On Branded Search (10:33)