Getting Good Backlinks from High PR Sites

by    Buy Backlinks   Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Getting Good Backlinks from PR Sites

I want to share with you our method of creating effective and powerful high PR backlinks relatively quickly. It’s not the first time this has been explained, yet it does not seem to be an extremely popular method, judging by ads and forum posts I see from folks using to buy and sell links. A lot of people looking for high PR backlinks are still convinced that good links must come from established blogs which have earned their PR through the passage of time and the regular application of original quality content.
The truth is that PR is PR is PR. You can insist on getting your links from high quality self-established sites, but you will pay more for them, and there is no real advantage to using them over those which are created using the method we follow. They cost less because they are easier to make and produce the same results. (Someone SEO minded person out there is certain to disagree with me, and I welcome being educated on this issue if I turn out to be wrong!)
Unless you happen to make careless errors for lack of being well informed, you almost have to try to lose PR. As long as one ensures that the PR on a backlink site remains in force, and as long as backlinks are applied in an orderly and (Google) expected fashion, they will be effective, regardless of where they came from.

The backlink strength of the PR sites themselves

When purchasing expiring domains with significant PR for use as high PR backlink source sites, look at the quality and number of existing backlinks to that domain, and look for good domain authority numbers. I’ll talk about specifics in an upcoming post and video. Majestic SEO is the place to do that.
Keep in mind that it’s easy to strengthen the backlink configuration to your new PR sites once you have some content on them. We use SENuke to beef up the backlink structure across our PR network. There is a variety of similar SEO tools available. We know little about them and can only comment on the effectiveness and ease of use of SENUke.
More details later!

This is post is getting too long! I’m going to address “hows” and “whys” in a later post. Stay tuned. I would love to hear from anyone interested in these backlinks.

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