Disavowing "Bad" Links Won't Improve SEO

by    SEO Services   Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Time for the quarterly reminder that using the disavow file, or disavowing so-called “toxic links” won’t improve your SEO. Many of you are looking for the shortcut to ranking higher. Often times either: your content isn’t right for the query/good enough, you don’t have enough good links, or your design is not as good as your competitors.

The reason you’re not ranking higher has *nothing* to do with so-called toxic links. Disavowing them won’t make you rank higher.

There’s only one time where you should use the disavow tool: when you have knowingly engaged in black hat link building or spammy tactics, and you’ve cleaned that up and you’ve improved all the areas mentioned above, and you still aren’t seeing any rankings movement.

Otherwise, spend your energy in a better place. Disavowing links isn’t productive.

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