CS:GO Using Bots To Boost & Run Boost! (Tips & Tricks)

by    SEO Services   Saturday, January 17th, 2015

• You can use this cfg to practice boosts and find brand new ones without the help of friends!

• Open the description to see the downloads + instructions on using the bots

• First, download the .cfg and place it in your cfg folder of your csgo directory:

• Steps:
Place the boost.cfg in the cfg folder of your csgo directory
Start an offline match without bots
Open console & type: exec boost
Spawn bots by pressing “,” & “.”
Place bots by pressing “p”
Toggle bot crouch by pressing “mouse3” (click in mousewheel)
Toggle runboost on top of the bot by pressing “[”

• Thank you for watching & trying out this cfg! If you encounter any problems, make sure to comment and I will try my best to reply.