4 Steps To Instantly Build Powerful SEO Backlinks [NEW METHODS]

by    Buy Backlinks   Monday, August 19th, 2019

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Social media backlinks are no follow but provide branded searches, real website visitors, and more time on page

You can’t just list your social media profiles and get rankings there has to be real engagement where people actually share

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Tip: use a social sharing plugin for your website that allows visitors to share the content only in your blog

get more active with online directories and review websites

“Just registered your business on an online review website or directory isn’t going to have a large effect on your rankings.

You need real human interaction – this is why getting reviews, posting images, responding to questions, and getting engagement on directory profiles will ultimately skyrocket your SEO rankings.

To start, get listed on these directories and share them with customers that may have had a good experience

Google even has a list of these websites where they flat out said help rank your website better for local search. Here is a full list of them

Tip: at our agency we pay for a service called Sitejabber in which they provide schema mark up for us to place on our website ultimately displaying our review ratings in ads, and in Google search

write a wikihow post

“Have you ever heard of Wikihow? Yeah they get around 38M website visitors every single month.

Want to know the easiest way to get a ton of mentions? Write a meaningful how to post on there in your niche.

Alls you have to do is sign up, submit your article and video content and request to be published.

The result? The moment someone wants to mention how to do something they will link out to your article which then should pass on to your website transferring all that precious SEO link juice

Tip: see what’s already on there and create something new. Try to not create something that was already made

use a survey for must knows In your niche

Surveys are great because they give you a high level of data from multiple users in one report

So how can you use that to generate high quality backlinks?

The easiest way is to find out what your link opportunities want to know

For example, if you’re a company that sells leads to businesses one way you can get more links is by creating a survey of how much home owners would pay for a home service.

This would immediately be a sharable asset you can then send to your link prospects.

When you’re doing a survey as a piece of content always remember that you have to get data people are willing to pay for but provide it for free.

Tip: use Typeform to give people a better user experience when performing the survey


Now that you know how to build powerful backlinks, go and get to work with implementation and start seeing more rankings

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