186% Increase In Organic Traffic Revealed! What Is Better? Google Traffic vs. YouTube Traffic

by    SEO Services   Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Analytics revealed so you can learn my secrets to MASSIVE increases in organic traffic, plus see where my best traffic comes from. Timestamps to key graphs in the video, below…

YouTube traffic & analytics data – 0:34
My “Neil Patel SEO” experiment results – 1:00
YouTube traffic Year over Year – 3:29
Analytics & organic traffic from my blog – 5:35
Blog traffic Year over Year – 8:12
Google organic traffic increases MoM & YoY – 8:40
Blog traffic lifetime since my 1st video – 10:08
Podcast downloads revealed- 11:22
My full content marketing strategy & process – 12:43

Hey there, I’m Miles Beckler and search engine optimization is my number one favorite method for increasing website traffic.

SEO makes for the best organic traffic which can generate enough clicks, leads and customers to support you and your online business for life.

As an avid YouTuber is focused on syndicating my video marketing onto my blog and podcast. This is a big part of my overall content marketing strategy, to maximize the reach with every piece of content I publish.

I reveal my top 2 content marketing strategies in this video if you aren’t executing relentlessly, yet:

Personally, I’ve executed both of these strategies in succession… A 90 day challenge followed by a 90 week challenge and this is why I’ve created so much content and momentum with my organic search engine marketing.

The theory behind search engine marketing is simple. There are billions of people every day searching for answers to their questions and solutions to the problems on YouTube and Google alike.

When your content answers these specific questions based on keyword research and is optimized for search you can generate Google traffic and YouTube traffic.

If you want my free seo course for beginners, where you can learn SEO here on YouTube watch this video next

The real challenge is in the fact that it takes hundreds if not thousands of posts (or videos or a combination) to drive noteworthy traffic that can sustain a real online business.

The benefit of organic traffic is that you receive residual rewards for all of your efforts… This is what you see in the video where I reveal my organic traffic stats and analytics.

My early videos are still driving traffic through YouTube to this day… My early blog posts are still driving traffic through Google, to this day.

This early traffic is now compounding with the traffic and receiving from videos I’ve made this week and last month… The commutative result is a large Increase in website traffic, both month over month and year over year.

Earlier this year I met up with Neil Patel at the Affiliate Summit West event in Vegas. for the VIP attendees there was a Neil Patel SEO meet and greet with question-and-answer.

I covered the three big takeaways from Neil Patel’s talks in this video

And immediately implemented one specific test strategy Neil Patel told me about, which was to run paid YouTube traffic to my best-performing videos because it would increase my organic YouTube traffic.

He recommended I run traffic for two months and then turn it off for two months, continuing to cycle on and off the traffic in 60 day increments.

This was in January so I had paid traffic running to my YouTube videos through early March.

Today, I am able to see a noticeable increase in organic traffic numbers after turning off the YouTube ads in March over one month ago.

You will see this explained clearly with the graph from my YouTube analytics in this video.

The final place we look is my podcast downloads Dashboard where you can see exactly how many downloads my podcast has received.

when you get your content syndicated out on all three major platforms, Google, YouTube and a podcast, this is the three pillar content marketing strategy every organic traffic enthusiast and search engine marketer should be striving for…

The three pillar content marketing strategy is explained in more detail in this video

The last thing you will learn from this organic content marketing video is that there is no such thing as free traffic!

I share exactly how much money I have spent on my team converting my videos and blog posts and marketing my content.

You will learn exactly how to get traffic, but don’t confuse yourself thinking organic website traffic is free traffic

Organic traffic is earned traffic, not free traffic. You can put in hours of time and energy and when you focus your efforts effectively enough with the right strategy you can indeed earned traffic but it’s not free because it takes your time…

In your time, my friend… Is the most valuable and precious resource you have.

If you made it to the end, you are AWESOME! Well done