1 Easy Way To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking Optimization! A Simple Google SEO guide!

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A How to Guide on What is a Keyword Search

You might be wondering what in the world is SEO? Well the SEO definition is basically known as search engine ranking optimization.

If you have ever been wondering how to increase your google page rank,

With search engine ranking optimization your goal is simple, increase the value of your content by providing not only your users with valuable information but also the search engines to help increase your keyword position. Doing this will allow more users to see your content and giving search engines such as google the power to display your content to more people!

This isn’t limited to your own content on your website but can also be how to optimize youtube videos to get more eyeballs to your videos! If you have ever been wondering how to rank youtube videos, then this will be a great tutorial on how to use youtube video optimization by using youtube seo best practices.

It’s hard to get to your videos on the top youtube videos list, but by using this google seo guide, you will be able to increase your youtube video ranking as well as how to improve search engine ranking with any other websites that google or any search engine for that matter looks at.

This guide is teaching you about a keyword method called “Long tail Keywords”. And to find those we need to know what is a keyword search is. A keyword search is a search designed to figure out what people are searching on google, youtube search, bing or any search engine for that matter. You are looking for things that your customers or users are searching up and leveraging that with the search terms on your content to boost the keyword position. The higher your keyword position is, the more eyeballs you will gain from looking at your content.

By doing this, it’s a great way on how to improve search engine ranking for the content you create.

I really hope that my Google SEO guide will help you a ton and if it does, please share this video with anyone you think can use the extra search engine ranking optimization for their content. Or leave a comment below on your feedback with my google seo guide.

Before I go any further, I will have to explain what are long tail keywords.

So What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are search terms that people use that are considered “long”. Most people try to hit keywords related to their topic but use the same common keywords to position themselves. Example, say you sell cars so you build your search engine ranking optimization methods around “cars”. But your competitor is also targeting for “cars”. To give you the extra boost, you want to find a better search term than just “cars”.

When one of your potential customers or users is searching, they might type in “cars” into google and see many results to other well established websites. The idea around long tails is that you want search terms that are longer than just a simple 4 character search term.

A long tail keyword will be more to the lines of: “Chevrolet Cars” which is a total of 14 characters. But to really boost up that search engine ranking optimization you will want to aim even higher than 14 characters. You want to be very specific if you can. So a better example of this is: “2018 chevrolet silverado”. That search term is now 24 characters long.

By figuring out What is a keyword search, you’ll be able to have a better insight if the keyword you are attempting to target will be valuable to you compared to what your competitor might be using by doing a keyword search.

The keyword search definition is the way in which you figure out what keywords will be the best things to target for your product, service, or content. Using tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, you’ll be able to have a better eye on what your customers are searching for as well as what might your competitor be targeting as well.

In order to figure out how to improve search engine ranking, you WILL NEED to understand what are long tail keywords and how they can help you with your search engine ranking optimization.

With my google seo guide here, I’ll be showing you how to find these long tail keywords and have a better understand of what are long tail keywords to begin with. If you really want to get higher on google page rank, then doing this will be one of your weapons to win.


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Again if you found my google seo guide helpful for you please leave a comment below and share this with anyone who you think could use that search engine ranking optimization help.

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