07 How to Analyze Competitor's Backlinks

by    Buy Backlinks   Thursday, April 24th, 2014

07 How to analyze competitor’s backlinks for free outlines strategies for competitor backlink analysis. Created by SEO consultant expert this video lesson shows you methods for seeing where your competitors are getting backlinks for their website.

You can use Google search to find the online footprint of your competitors, for example, you can conduct advanced search queries such as the “link:” operator to see what Google will show for backlink data for your competition’s website. Having said that please keep in mind that Google does not reveal all the backlink data it has on any given URL.

That is why there are many backlink analysis websites and platforms and almost all of them claim to have the most detailed data sets concerning the hyperlinks pointing back to a particular website. I can confidently tell you that the freely available backlink data gathering on your competitors can be done through:

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When it comes to backlink data analysis, these freely available website’s usually give you more in-depth and actionable insights than other paid backlink data research providers on internet. Keep in mind also that, you can construct Google advanced search query syntax to find almost all of the information you will ever need on your competitors. To learn about many different ways of search Google visit:

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